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The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - Meryl C. Marshall, chairman and CEO - 1999 - KCOP Los Angeles area Emmy Awards honors Doug Bingham for contributions to the Emmy Award-winning Achievement. Outstanding non-news videographer (multi-camera) Los Angeles Marathon.

Cycle Trader - Buzz Walneck - May 1999 - EDITORIAL This Side Car issue is the result of a call I received a few months ago from Doug Bingham...

"If you have been into side cars at all, you will certainly recognize his name. Doug has been a MOVER in the side car industry all along. Manufacturing sidecars, importing them, distributing and selling them as well as just loving them".

Doug called and said "Buzz... why not consider doing an issue, maybe once a year with an emphasis on highlighting side cars?" I said "Doug, that sounds like a good idea, lets try it".

And here we are.

Doug is chairman of the Sidecar Industry Council.

National Register's WHO'S WHO in Executives and Professionals. - April 16, 1999 - National Register's WHO'S WHO in Executives and Professionals has included Douglas C. Bingham, President of Side Strider, Inc. in its Millennium edition.

National Register's WHO'S WHO wishes to extent its personal congratulations. The intent of National Register's WHO'S WHO is to notify all who read this announcemnt the the individual named has reached a level of recognizable success in the respective field.

The 2000 Edition of National Register's WHO'S WHO in Executives and Professionals is received only by the included members. This year's edition will, of course be registered at the Livrary of Congress in Washington D.C.

American Motorcyclist Association - Ed Youngblood - President - 1998 - Dear Doug: The American Motorcyclist Association MVP Awards are bestowed on Persons, Places, Patrons, or Publications that have in the opinion of the AMA Board of Trustees, advanced the cause of motorcycling in America or improved the enjoyment of motorcycling.

I am pleased to inform you that the Awards Committee of the AMA Board of Trustees has approved the enclosed MVP Awards for the positive press you have been creating for motorcycles.

The Motorcycle Journal - M. Holcenberg - Aug. 1996 - "Bingham's efforts have helped bring sidecars back to the American public"
The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - Richard Frank - President - 1994 - Honors Doug Bingham for contributions to the Emmy-Award-winning Achievement LIVE SPORTS COVERAGE, THE LOS ANGELES MARATHON - KCOP
Motorcycle Product News - B. Jackson - 1994 - "'We thought it would be fun to interview 20 prominent motorcycle industry people for their view of the past 20 years." (Doug Bingham - Manufacturer & Distributor - Side Strider motorcycle sidecars.)
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Free 2 Wheel - M. Fowler - December 1992 - "Doug Has spent a lifetime driving, passengering, racing and building sidecars and he has the stories to prove it!."

Rider Magazine - L. Grodsky - March 1990 - "Doug Bingham is the name but you can call him Mister Sidecar"

"Doug Bingham goes on with his life's work: creating better living through sidecaring. But if you're reading Spielberg, remember what a fickle place Hollywood is. A year from now, no one will remember your name if you haven't produced another picture E.T. in a sidecar boat."

Road Rider - Feb. 1975 - "Doug Bingham is probably the closest thing to being teh Paterfamilias of Modern Sidecars in the United States. More than any other single factor, the introduction of Bingham's innovative lightweight fiberglass bucket dubbed the "Side Strider" in the late sixties was the catalyst for today's third wheel enthusiasm."
Dealer News - J. Parkhurst - June 1989 - 25 Most Significant People and Products - No. 11 Doug Bingham. "If sidecars ever make it, blame him. He's proven over and over again that you really have to believe in something to succeed."
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Hack'd Magazine - J. Dodson - 1986 - "'Mr. Sidecar' the notoriety of this distinction being supported by his curriculum vitae."
Motorcyle Product News - B. Jackson - June 1989 - "Doug Bingham is the owner of Side Strider, Inc. A manufacturer and importer of motorcycle sidecars from 1984 until just recently. Bingham was also a major partner in owning Watsonian Sidecars in England. He's been associated with the sidecar marker in the U.S. for nearly 30 years and spent some time with Motorcycle Product News discussing that market."
A.M.A - December 1981 - "We feel same in saying Doug Bingham of Van Nuys, CA has an enormous love affair going on the side....of his motorcycle of coarse!."
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Motorcycle business news - J. Parkhurst - November 1981 - "USA, our favorite acronym for the United Sidecar Association, awarded MBN a certificate of appreciation at classic running of the Griffith Park Sidecar Rally. Our thanks to the USA and head man, Doug Bingham, not only for the award but for so positively promoting motorcycling's stepchild, the sidecar."
Rider Magazine - D. Woodruff - June 1981 - "Doug Bingham has become something of an institution among sidecar enthusiasts..."
Air Force Magazine - Driver - April 1972 - "Doug Bingham has had a lot to do with resurgence. His company, Side Strider, Inc. has built, raced and promoted hacks for the past 20 years."
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Cycle Guide - Bob Braverman - May 1970 - "Doug Bingham, one of the better hack riders in Southern California."

"The design of the chassis is based on Doug Bingham's experience in the racing field and the strength of the unit illustrated that accumulated experience."

Popular Science - Jim Davis - December 1969 - "Sidecars make sense. What could be better for taking the kids to school or for going on a pleasant ride on a hot summer evening? It's illegal to ride three people on a motorcycle, but it isn't with a sidecar attached. The more you think about it, the more uses you can find for a sidecar. And they're fun to drive."

"The owner of Side Strider, Douglas BIngham, is one of the leading U.S. sidecar builders and racers. He has put what he has learned in the last 20 years into his Bingham Mark I sidecar."

motorCYCLIST - Jim Davis - November 1969 - "The Bingham Mark One sidecar is the brainchild of Douglas Bingham, one of the well known "hack racers" on the West Coast. The design of the street hack wasn't one of those Saturday afternoon things, as Doug has put his 20 years of racing experience into what you, the street rider will ultimately bolt onto your bike."

AMA 1968 - National sidecar champion, Doug Bingham. As a professional he competed in national championship dirt track sidecar racing events driving a Harley Davidson Sportster outfit.

Also in 1968-69 as a member of the Sidecar Racing Association was their first road racing chairman.

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